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Haircuts for Women

Haircuts for Women

Hair Cuts for Women starting at $48-$68.00 

The cut begins with a consultation. It is followed by a detoxifying hair cleansing treatment and a custom-blended deep conditioning hair treatment from Redken. Your hair is now ready to be cut!

Hair Dry Blowouts $40.00

When you just want to look your best for the day or night out, stop by for an ala-carte blowout. You will leave with perfectly styled hair.

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Studio 68 Hair Coloring Services

Hair Coloring

Hair Coloring

Semi- Permanent Hair Coloring $68.00

Semi-Permanent Color perfect for enhancing or neutralizing natural color or gently blending grey.

Permanent Hair Color $68.00

For those who desire a change or to completely cover grey.

Balayage, Ombre & Highlighting starting at $89.00

A modern, customized method of creating color just for you!

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Studio 68 Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Our hair extensions are 100% Human Remy- the preeminent grade of hair available in the market.

Hair Extensions

Made from  ethically sourced, never processed, virgin hair. Oriented with the  cuticle facing down and 100% uniform.

Hair Extensions

Tape-In Extensions  

$99.00 per hour to install and remove

Hair (price upon consultation)

This method is a showstopper.  Installation is fast in as little as 45 min.  Tape-In’s provide length, volume and blend shamelessly seamless.  

The medical grade adhesive is designed for hair and with proper care tape won’t weaken until you’re ready to remove it.  May be used up to three times.  

Available in 34 colors 

Lengths 14”, 18” and 22”  


Hair Extensions in Woodstock, GA

Fusion/Keratin Bond Extensions

$99.00 per hour to install and remove

Hair (price upon consultation )

Are you looking for 360 degree movement and ultimate styling potential? This tried and true technique involves connecting extensions to hair with keratin bonds.  The same keratin/protein that makes up your hair. Application takes 2-4 hours. Hair may be used up to three times (with rebonds).  Lasts 2-4 months with proper care.

Available in 32 colors 

Lengths 18” 


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Studio 68 Salon Additional Services

Waving Perms $99.00-$150.00

Having a Perm service will give your hair added body and texture. These services are intended to provide a temporary effect that will naturally diminish over time.

Brazilian Hair Smoothing starting at  $75.00-$350.00

For hair that needs to chill & relax! Great for softening, smoothing and straightening over-zealous waves or just a stubborn growth pattern that needs help. Brazilian Blowout is the only professional treatment that can actually improve the health of the hair.

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Haircuts for Men

Haircuts for Men

Hair Cuts for Men $25.00 - $28.00

Hair cuts are available for men which may employ scissors or an electric trimmer to clean up your look and make you feel refreshed and ready for a new day. We will get you in and out in a minimum of time and ensure you look your very best!

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"Quality is absolutely guaranteed at Studio 68 Salon. I look forward to the opportunity to style your hair! "


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"I am a proud member of the professional beauty industry, continually looking for ways to sharpen my skills and learn new techniques. I will answer all your questions and make suggestions on how to best serve your sense of style."

  -Ursula Wilson

Studio 68 Salon Woodstock, GA

Ursula Wilson

Stylist Profile

A native of Chicago, the city so windy it’s hard to realize a good hair day. Ursula has managed to create a resume’ that reads like a who’s who of the beauty and fashion industry. 

From winning awards while a student at the prestigious Pivot Point Academy to auditioning for and becoming a Redken Performing Artist, Ursula has always had a desire for greatness. Her drive to learn, perfect, and teach her color and design skills has allowed her the opportunity to educate both the National and International levels.

As a hairdresser for 32 years and a Master Color Specialist and Hair Designer with Redken for 10 years, Ursula has had the opportunity to lead in Redken’s International Symposium as well as demonstrate her abilities on the stage and platform for industry trade shows. 

Perhaps a better understanding of Ursula comes from her outlook on life- Be positive in every situation and always strive for betterment! 

She takes this idea into everything she does, from creating an image for celebrities to taking care of her clients.


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